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How to Get Your Cat Used to A Stroller

How to Get Your Cat Used to A Stroller
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Keeping cats that stay indoors only may sound logical after all they can live for a long time (three times longer at least). However, they will miss out largely on what makes life special and worth living which is going outside. This is more reason why you need a cat stroller for your feline friend.

A Stroller
Photo Credits: nu_tuna, Pixabay.com

Cat strollers (like other pet strollers) give cats who stay indoor always the opportunity to spend some time outside their home safely. But then again, there is a bigger challenge for cat owners. How do you get your cat used to a stroller?

Cats who get outside and move around the neighborhood are always faced with lots of dangers. Some of these dangers include getting hit by moving cars, getting lost, picking up ticks or fleas, and bring it home. These are primary threats.

There are far worse threats an outdoor cat can be exposed to such as getting into fights with cats and other animals (including dogs). They are exposed to attack by wildlife and other prey depending on where you reside. Sometimes, they get injured in the process.

The roaming nature of the cat can be replaced by strollers no doubt, but they are safe alternatives. They allow the cat to move with you during your walks, runs, and strolls through your neighborhood. 

Naturally, cats love to observe and know everything that is happening around them. Strollers make this even more possible and safe, as your cats can now observe from within the stroller enclosed by mesh. Within this space, they feel safe or secure.

Interestingly, when the cat gets accustomed to riding on a stroller, they will be more enthusiastic about going out. 

If you prefer learning by video, this article is also explained here.

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How to Get Your Cat Used to A Stroller?

To get your cat used to a stroller, secure the cat in a feline-safe harness and leash. Place the cat in the stroller and slowly move the stroller down the hallway. This will get the cat used to the motion of the stroller. Reward the cat for staying still in the stroller. Add the cat’s food in the stroller and repeat the walk.

It is amazing to have a cat you can share your house with. However, cats are curious beings and as such love to know what is happening outside. Allowing the cat to freely go outside or move about when you go out on a stroll is not a good idea. Hence the need to get a cat stroller.

Being outdoors plays a major role in the developmental and mental health of your feline friend. It stimulates both mental muscles and senses (sound, sight, and smell).

Most cats do not love to ride in a stroller especially when they are older. So, you must ensure you teach them to get used to using one. It is important to note here that it is easier to train a kitten to use a stroller.

Here are practical steps to make this happen:

Step One

Buy a stroller that is big enough to accommodate the size of your cat. It should have enough room for her comfort. Before you take your cat out for her first walk, be sure that your cat is used to riding on a stroller. This requires patience and time. Set up an area in your home where the cat stroller can comfortably sit. This place should be accessible to the cat.

Step Two

Ensure the cat stroller fabric cover and enclosing mesh is always open. This will make it possible for the cat to enter the stroller at will, sniff around, and sleep hopefully. Allow the cat to check this place out on her own for some days. Lock the stroller wheels. This will keep the pet stroller still when your cat leaps inside. 

You can make the carrier appealing by putting nice treats inside the stroller (the seat and wheels) if your cat is nervous. Spray the stroller with synthetic pheromone or perfume such as Feliway. You can also sprinkle catnip on the stroller to get her attention or better still feed your cat in the carrier.

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Step Three

Once she spends more time inside the stroller, you can practice short walks slowly around your home with your cat in the stroller. Next, zip the stroller mesh around your cat and take her for a walk around your home for about one or two minutes. Then unzip the mesh.

Reward your cat for riding on the stroller with lots of praise and treats. This is very important for the stroller adjustment process. However, this might take some days or weeks. Remember to be patient and allow the cat to get used to having the stroller in her environment. Soon, she will be comfortable sitting in it.

Step Four

Once your cat is comfortable riding in the pet stroller indoors, it is time to move outdoors. Start with your yard and observe your cat’s reaction being outside. You can sit with her on the patio so she can get accustoming to using to going outside in a stroller and go back inside the house. 

At home, place her in the pet stroller. If she jumps out, put her back in the stroller and praise her when she sits still.

Step Five

During the next outing with your cat, you can spend more time around your neighborhood. Put your cat in the stroller and take some walk along quiet and smooth terrains like sidewalks. 

You may choose to use a cat leash or harness. This will serve as an extra safety measure for your cat during the walk. It can also help with her potty breaks since this walk can take a long time.  

It is a good idea to plan this outing ahead. For example, avoid routes that will take you through homes whose house owners own dogs. Praise your cat and give her a little treat when he sits still. 

Repeat this a number of times a day and some days. This will help the cat get used to the stroller motion.

Step Six

Walk steadily but slowly each time you go out for a walk. If the cat shows any signs of fatigue or stress, take her home. Keep building her tolerance and confidence until she sees the pet stroller as a safe haven.

When this happens, you can take your feline friend on strolls in your neighborhood with so much ease. Remember that patience is the key.

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Why Should You Get A Cat Stroller?

You should get a stroller for your cats when they are old or injured, and when your cat needs to visit the veterinary doctor. You need a cat stroller to help you control your cat and to increase your bond with the cat. You must get a stroller for your lightweight cat. Your cat will require a stroller to protect it from violent dogs. Also, a stroller will protect your cat’s crawls.

Video: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Cat Stroller

Watch this video to know the reasons why you should get a stroller for your cat.

The importance of cat strollers can not be overemphasized. They make traveling and all other strolls with your cat easier. There are other reasons why you should get a stroller for your cat, they include:

They Are Lightweight

Some strollers have removable carriers and so always comes in handy. For example, when you are going on a trip with your cat, traveling, or when you are taking her to see the vet. They are more convenient for use than most cat carriers which are difficult to carry about because of their weight. 

Also, most strollers have large storage baskets where you can keep your items as well as that of your cat. You can have one hand free while your cat rides in the stroller.

Older or Injured Cats

It is difficult for older or injured cats to walk. Even when they do, it is for a limited distance. Strollers are good for carrying cats in such situations. This allows them to get fresh air and sunlight without pain or more risk.

It is easier to teach a kitten how to use a stroller, so start early. Always have a leash or harness attached to your kitten for her safety.

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It Aids Control of Your Cat

Controlling your cat in a crowd is not an easy task especially when she has the harness and leash on. Sometimes, your cat can step on trash, or eat any food she finds on the ground. 

A cat stroller can be used to navigate your cat in a busy street to a quiet area where she can be allowed to walk with the leash on.

They Protect Cat Paws

Concrete is harmful to pet’s paws, cats inclusive particularly when the concrete floor is hot or cold. Cat strollers help to protect the cat’s feet.

Protection from Violent Dogs

Cat strollers protect your cat from violent dogs and other animals that do not have a leash on. You wouldn’t want to have other pets attacking your cat.

Bonding Time

Cats that were trained as kittens to use strollers usually love them. This is a great way to bond with your cat as you will get to spend quality time with your cat. 

Veterinary Visits

Pet strollers make it easy to transport your cat to a vet clinic safely. And protect her from other potentially violent, sick and irritable animals.

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Factors to Consider When Getting A Stroller for Your Cat

There are some factors that you should consider when buying a stroller for your cat. They are:

  • Safety of the stroller
  • The comfort of your Cat
  • The type of cat stroller
  • The weight of the Stroller
  • The wheel system of the stroller


It is always good to make sure your cat is used to a stroller and happy to be in it before allowing her to use one. However, sometimes she might try to get out of the stroller. So, you must ensure that the cat stroller is safe for use. 

A good cat stroller should have a secured zipper that locks properly. Also, the mesh panel should be made with durable material. This material should be resistant to wear and tear with constant use. 

In addition, the stroller should have a built-in tether that you can always attach the cat harness and leash to.

The Comfort of Your Cat

This factor should be in the frontline of your considerations before buying a cat stroller. There should be enough room in the stroller for your cat to sit, stand, lay down, and stretch with ease. 

Does the stroller have a smooth and soft built-in surface? If it doesn’t, you need space in the stroller where you will keep your cat blanket or blanket for her comfort.

Cat Stroller Type

There is a need to know the type of stroller you need. There are different terrains, so you must get a cat stroller that can suit your lifestyle. Do you need a stroller for strolls in your neighborhood? You will probably use it once weekly. Or a jogging stroller that you might use several miles on hilly and rough terrains.

A regular stroller has a 4-wheels system with plastic tires and relatively cheap. While a typical jogging stroller has a 3-wheel system with a 12″ form or air tire. This is to help the stroller handle rough surfaces and terrain. These models are more expensive.

Also, consider the size or weight of the stroller. This is very important if you plan to carry 2 large cats in it. If you planning to use the stroller while shopping, ensure that the stroller has a large storage basket that can hold your groceries.

Weight of Stroller

The weight of the cat stroller is important for easy navigation through doorways. You must ensure that the stroller is not too heavy to carry. This makes it easy to haul from your home to your car trunk and for all your strolls. 

It should be easy to fold and store away. Bigger strollers take up more storage spaces than the umbrella models.

The stroller handle should be well padded, adjustable, and comfortable. You must make sure you consider your height, so you don’t hunch over whenever you’re maneuvering your cat stroller.

Wheel System

The stroller wheels should be able to roll freely without any friction. However, it should lock-in place when it is stopped without moving or bouncing around. 

Also, the brake system should be easy to access and operate (one-foot brake system). Get a cat stroller that is easy to assemble and use.

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What Are the Best Cat Strollers?

  • Pet Gear Stroller for Cat
  • BestPet Stroller for Cat
  • HPZ Premium Stroller for Cat 
  • Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Cat Stroller and Carrier
  • Vivo Stroller for Cat
  • Petluv 3-in-1 Cat Stroller
  • Ibiyaya 4-Wheel Double Stroller for Cats
  • Pet Gear Stroller for Cats
  • Paws and Pals Stroller for Cats

 There are several pet strollers available today. Here is our best for cats:

Pet Gear Stroller for Cat

This cat stroller is zipper-free and can carry cats that are up to sixty pounds. As a result, you can carry 2 cats at the same time in this stroller. The zipper-free design is an easy to lock system that can be operated one-handed.

The stroller canopy has a different way it can be positioned giving your cat a nice view of the environment and a lot of shade. It is made with shock absorbers, water-resistant and durable materials as well as safety breaks. This makes this stroller fit for all terrains.

What are the outstanding features of the pet gear stroller for cats?

  1. The Pet Gear stroller for cats 12″ tires that lock-in the front wheel and additional comfort for your cat.
  2. It has weather cover (shield from rain, sunlight, wind, dust, and so on) and bolsters pad for pets.
  3. The stroller canopy can be positioned in 3 different ways and the presence of a mesh panel gives your cat a nice view.

BestPet Stroller for Cat

This stroller is very popular among other pet strollers. It has a great design and relatively cheap compared to other pet strollers. It is made of durable materials.

Its durable mesh allows for visibility and free airflow. This stroller is made with oxford-cloth that is water-resistant and can shield your cat in all seasons. Interestingly, each compartment of this cat stroller has a mesh window with a zipper. 

This makes it easy to take the cat in or out of the stroller.

What are the outstanding features of the BestPet stroller for cats?

  1. The BestPet stroller for cats has large wheels that can handle any rough terrain. It can also rotate 360o for easy navigation and turns.
  2. You do not need any tools to fold this stroller. It folds easily which makes transportation and its storage very convenient.
  3. It comes with accessories like a storage basket and cup holder.
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HPZ Premium Stroller for Cat 

This pet stroller is uniquely designed. It has storage compartments, shock absorbers, locking wheels, cup holders, and big travel space. This gives your cat a lot of room to comfortably relax.

It has a suspension system (human-grade) that is made to absorb all vibrations for bounce-free travel for your cat. Also, its oversized wheels can rotate 360o for a comfortable ride and easy navigation.

In addition, it has an in-built expansion panel that allows you to adjust its size so that your cat can have enough room.

What are the outstanding features of the HPZ Premium Stroller for cats? 

  1. The HPZ Premium Stroller for Cat uses secured clasps rather than a zipper system that makes it easy to access your cat.
  2. It has 2 washable pads that make your cat comfortable.
  3. The mesh top cover is made of UV-reflective and odorless material.

Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Cat Stroller and Carrier

This is a convertible cat stroller and a total package. It comes with a carrier, car seat, wheeled carrier and backpack. This cat stroller allows you to transport your cat with ease. It comes with a large mesh storage basket.

When used as a cat stroller, it is easy to navigate with its 360o rotating front wheel. It also has a large opening and smooth zippers, carrying the cat in/out of the compartment has never been better. The perforated holes in the mesh windows allow free airflow.

What are the outstanding features of the Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Cat Stroller and Carrier?

The Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Cat Stroller and Carrier has an adjustable handle to fit different heights.

  1. It can be converted to a shoulder carrier or backpack with comfortable well-padded straps.
  2. It comes with a product manual with comprehendible instructions on how to use the stroller better.
  3. The inner padding of this stroller is detachable and can be washed in a washing machine.
  4. The 5-in-1 nature of this stroller makes it possible to easily transport your cat using any of the components (carrier, stroller, car seat, and so on).
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Vivo Stroller for Cat

This stroller is durable, safe, and comfortable. It has a spacious interior that is well-padded with form bottom. This allows your cat to stand, sit, or lay down comfortably. 

The Vivo pet stroller has 3-zippered accessible points that make it easy to take your cat in/out of the stroller. In addition, it has a front and back window for a great view as well as a mesh window at the top that allows you to watch your feline friend all the time.

The stroller completely folds for storage purposes.

What are the outstanding features of the Vivo Stroller for Cat

  1. The Vivo Stroller for Cat has 2 cup holders as well as a center tray for storing snacks, keys, and drinks.
  2. The Vivo stroller is suited for cats up to 30pounds.
  3. Its back wheels lock in when the stroller is parked.
  4. The mesh windows give cats better views and great airflow.
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Petluv 3-in-1 Cat Stroller

This 3-in-1 stroller can be used as a stroller frame, travel crate, and a car seat. It has a soft crate with plenty of room for your cat’s comfort. Also, it has a cushion that is color-coordinated for easy napping as well as padded straps.

What are the outstanding features of the Petluv 3-in-1 Cat Stroller

  1. The Petluv 3-in-1 Cat Stroller frames can collapse fully for storage.
  2. The front, 3 sides, and top panels can zip open easily.
  3. The mesh doors are well ventilated and can lock securely. They are coated which makes cleaning easy.
  4. It has large pockets at its sides for holding the harness, treats and water

Ibiyaya 4-Wheel Double Stroller for Cats

This stroller has 2 different compartments so it can carry 2 cats at the same time. So, you can carry them out of the stroller one after the other with ease. This stroller has front wheels that can rotate 360o which makes navigation through narrow walkways and busy streets easy. The wheels lock in when the stroller is parked.

Both compartments have a durable mesh that gives the cat a great view and allows the free flow of air. They have roll-up screens that give the cat privacy when necessary. This stroller makes strolls with your pets enjoyable.

What are the outstanding features of the Ibiyaya 4-Wheel Double Stroller for Cats?

  1. The Ibiyaya 4-Wheel Double Stroller for Cats has two compartments with zippered mesh windows.
  2. It has a cup holder accessory.
  3. It has safety harness on both compartments where the cat’s harness can be attached for maximum safety.
  4. One-hand folding is possible and so it can be easily stored.
  5. The top compartment can carry a cat up to 13.2pounds weight while the lower compartment can carry a cat up to 33 pounds.
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Pet Gear Stroller for Cats

This compact-sized cat stroller is great for carrying an average-sized cat along a paved surface. The large front window allows your cat to view the environment. The top window is wide with a zipper making it easy to take your cat in/out of the stroller.

It has a quick-folding mechanism as well as a waterproof tray that makes cleaning and storage clean.

What are the outstanding features of the Pet Gear Stroller for Cats?

  1. The Pet Gear Stroller for Cats weighs 9 pounds.
  2. This stroller can carry a cat up to 20 pounds.
  3. Its 6″ wheels make it perfect for paved, smoother surfaces such as streets and sidewalks.

Paws and Pals Stroller for Cats

This 3-wheeled stroller is easy to fold and is lightweight. It has a sturdy design that aids stroll through your neighborhood. It has a spacious interior with a peek through the window for your cat.

It has a zipper accessible points that are secure, this makes it easy to remove your cat and put her back. Furthermore, it has a large storage basket underneath the stroller and 2 cup holders at the top. You can carry every essential item for the walk.

What are the outstanding features of the Paws and Pals Stroller for Cats

  1. The Paws and Pals Stroller for Cats tether attachment system securely locks the harness for additional safety.
  2. One-hand fold system makes storage easy.
  3. It has a removable waterproof rain cover that keeps cats dry during drizzly weather.
  4. The mesh windows are well ventilated to allow free airflow and visibility and also keeping away.
  5. The back-security breaks make the stroller steady when it is parked.
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Having a cat stroller is fun and it is very useful. You must get a good stroller that can accommodate your cat’s weight. Make sure you look for special features that suit your needs.

It is also important you get your cat used to riding on the stroller. Place treats and rewards inside the cat stroller to attract the cat. 

Reassure her by stroking her and always place her inside the stroller when indoors. Make sure she sees the stroller as safe haven then take her outside for some strolls in the carrier. Following the steps discussed in this article, you will get the desired result.

Soon, you will be able to walk around your neighborhood, go shopping, and enjoy the breeze and sunlight with your cat happily and safely.  

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