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How To Make A Dog Stroller – DIY Methods

How To Make A Dog Stroller – DIY Methods
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Dog strollers, also known as pet strollers in recent times, have become a familiar item among pet owners. Sometimes, your dog might be too old to walk on his own or he might just be too ill. Pet strollers come in handy to ease his movement. There’s a need to know how to make a dog stroller.

How To Make A Dog Stroller
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Dog strollers are more convenient means of taking your pets out for a stroll during outings, jogging or even when traveling. However, buying a dog stroller is very expensive. It is sold for almost or the same price you will get a brand-new baby stroller. 

The good news is that dog strollers are easy to make and you will save a lot of money. You can decide the size of the stroller and what you want it to look like. Also, you can incorporate your style into your design to suit your needs. How then do you make your dog stroller? Simple! Convert your old baby stroller to your pet stroller.

This DIY article will show you how to do this in a step by step manner. All that’s required is the old baby stroller you want to revamp, a few other household items, your effort, time and creativity. When you are done, you can show your pet to the world!

If you prefer learning by video, this article is also explained here.

Factors To Consider When Making A Dog Stroller

Size of Pet

Dogs have different sizes and so you must put this into consideration before you make a dog stroller. The first thing to do is to check if it is the most suitable for his size and weight. A small dog can be comfortably carried in any pet stroller, but this is not so for a big-sized pet.

The Comfort of The Pet

This is your first goal, right? Then make sure that the stroller is a comfortable one for him. Does the seat recline fully backward or it is fixed? Be sure that your dog has enough room in the stroller whether the seat is reclined or not. Remember, his size is a determinant. 

It is advisable to have a stroller seat that can be reclined for the maximum comfort of your canine friend. 

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Can the stroller carry your dog safely without putting him in harm’s way? You must check the parts first and make sure they are in good condition, if not you may need to change them. 

One more thing put protective measures in place for the safety of the pet like the mesh wires that can be used to shield the front part of the carriage.


What are the household supplies you have? Does the stroller need lots of repairs? What is your budget? The state of the baby stroller determines the tools you need.

It also tells you how much you will spend to get new parts that will be used to put it in good shape. If you already have some of these supplies at home, that will save costs.

Resistance to Weather

Since you will likely go out with your dog under different weather conditions, make a stroller that can resist any harsh weather. So, get parts that are durable and fit for your terrain; rocky, sandy, hilly and so on. 

Can it withstand the sunny days during summer or the extreme cold during winter? These factors will help you to make a durable carriage.


Cleaning pet strollers should be a simple and easy task as it is important it is always kept clean. Because of this, make sure you choose parts that can be cleaned easily when you are making the dog carriage. For example, the fabric should be easy to wash.

Weight of The Carriage

You want your pet stroller to be as light as possible, right? This will make navigating it from one place to another easy and more fun. 

Now that we have looked at the factors to consider when you want to make dog strollers, let us look at the DIY methods of making one. Shall we?

Supplies You Need

Video: DIY Dog Stroller

Watch this video to know how to make your own dog stroller.

A fairly used jogging stroller that is still in good shape.

Thread and needle.


Mesh wires.


Pieces of fabric.

Soft forms or cushion.

Measuring tape.

Glue (optional).


Step One

Remove any components of the baby stroller that is not useful in making the dog carriage. For example, remove the baby straps like the one used to cross in between the baby’s legs; you don’t need it. 

However, if you do need it, then you can leave it. If you don’t need the seat probably because you are making a container as a replacement, now is the time to remove it. But care must be taken not to damage the frame or other essential components of the baby stroller in the process.

Step Two

Check if the seat can be reclined; for small dogs, this is not a problem. But if your dog is big, unscrew the nuts that keep it in place and check if it can be adjusted or flattened. If you cannot adjust the seat, then you might need to find another stroller.

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Step Three

Measure the length and width of the front part of the baby stroller. This is where the baby’s legs are meant to be, but you don’t need them anymore. So, you are going to cover all openings to prevent your dog’s leg from been stuck inside. Also, measure the inner space where your dog will likely sit.

Step Four

Using measurements you took previously in step three above, measure the soft form or cushion and cut the right size. This will be used to cover those holes formerly made for the baby’s legs. It will also serve as a comfortable base for your pet.

Step Five 

Measure the washcloth or pieces of fabric, and cut the size required that will be used to wrap the soft foam or cushion mentioned in step four above. Make sure you cut extra inches of the fabric so that it can cover the whole length of the form. 

Step Six

Using a thread and needle, sew the piece of fabric around the foam or cushion edge to edge. Ensure you close all open edges with the foam and fabric. Remember to choose materials that are easy to wash after each use.

Note that sewing should be done in the interior part of the carriage and not on the outside. 

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Step Seven

Now measure the length of your dog’s leash from the back of the baby stroller. You should measure the correct length that your dog needs, put his size into consideration. 

As a guide, measure the length of leash that will allow your dog to stand, lie down, or sit while still secured with the leash. 

Note that your dog’s leash should always be fastened to the stroller and tied around his collar so he doesn’t leave or fall off the carriage.

Step Eight

Measure your dog leash and cut the right size following the measurement you already took above

Step Nine

Attach the leash by sewing it to the belt or harness at the back of the stroller’s frame. If you are sewing, you must be careful not to prick your finger or better still use thimbles and a large needle for sewing.

Step Ten

Using the measurements from step three above, cut mesh wire. Then attach them to the canopy or hood of stroller using hooks, glue or any other adhesive of your choice; for your dog’s safety.

You must ensure that they are fastened tightly to the canopy and the frame for your pet’s maximum protection.


Check the following parts:

The Tires

Since dog strollers are made from used jogging strollers, there is a need to check the tires. Fix or change tires depending on what you notice is wrong with them.

The Handle

Sometimes, they are worn out from previous use. The handle must be strong enough for easy navigation of the carriage. If there is anything that you can do to make it fit to carry your pet, do it. But if there is none, consider changing the carriage for a better one.

Note that you can also design a carriage seat for dogs from your old shopping cart or any other plastic container that can support his weight.


You can personalize your dog stroller to fit any design you want for your pet or to match your style. You can add any compartment of your choice to suit your needs.

For example, space for bottles, trash bags and so on. The most important thing is to ensure your buddy is comfortable and safe in his new carriage. 

Sometimes, your buddy might not like the idea of riding in a stroller. But with some training, this will be over; it might take a while but eventually, it will be a smooth sail.

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