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How to Make A Rain Cover for Stroller

How to Make A Rain Cover for Stroller
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Today, we are going to share DIY tips on how to make a rain cover for stroller. When you have a baby stroller, a rain cover is a necessity.

Rain covers in baby strollers come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and so on. Some come with special features such as a see-through shield that allows you to see the little one and likewise. 

How to make a rain cover for stroller
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Other models include peek-a-boo windows for your baby to view outside the stroller, but the side of the stroller is closed completely. Most importantly, there are stroller models whose rain covers only shield your baby from rainfall. Others can offer special features like ventilation, shield from cold, dust shields, UV protection, and more.

Maybe you have been searching for one, but they are overly expensive. More so, when your baby stroller is not the usual size. Fortunately, you can make one for at home and the process is quite easy than you envisaged. 

If you really want to know how to make a rain cover for your baby stroller, then you are in for good surprises. Keep strolling…

If you prefer learning by video, this article is also explained here.

Materials Needed To Make A Rain Cover for Stroller

  • A sewing machine.
  • Scissors.
  • A lightly-colored maker.
  • A zipper or buttons.
  • Water-resistant material (optional).
  • Sewing pins.
  • 2 to 3 colors of different fleece fabrics.

In recent times, most baby strollers are made with custom rain covers specially designed for a specific model. If you do not like the one you currently have, you can use theirs to size your own design.

To make yours, you need to get your materials. In this article, we are using basic materials you can easily get. This is to enable both beginners and craftwork experts to understand better and follow each step.

Note that you can decide to hand stitch your rain cover instead of using a sewing machine.

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How to Make A Rain Cover for Stroller

  1. Draw Your Design
  2. Cut Out Your Design
  3. Use A Pin To Hold The Cuts In-Place
  4. Add Zippers And Buttons
  5. Sew Everything Together

Video: How To Make A Stroller Rain Cover

This video will show DIY steps of making a stroller rain cover.

Now that you have gathered all the materials you need to make a stroller rain cover; it is time to design and assemble them. Do you have a design in mind? Now is the time to choose your design. 

There are several designs to choose from like bunny, trains, flowers and so on. There are amazing sites you can get inspiration from like Pinterest. When you have a design in your mind, proceed to these steps listed below.

Draw Out Your Design

The main objective is to make a hole in the fabric where your design will be for the baby to see through. Do not worry if your drawing is messy, you can still use the back of the fleece fabric when sewing the whole fabric together.

For expert advice, cut some spots out in different fleece fabric to see through when sewn together. You can also add another color for an even dimension. 

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Cut Out Your Design

When you have drawn out everything on the fleece fabric, you can start cutting the material. This is a good opportunity to add holes that will serve as a backdrop for your rain cover.

Once you have cut out holes for your baby’s face, it is time to move onto the next stage.

Use A Pin To Hold The Cuts In-Place

Using the sewing pins, hold the fleece material in place hold everything together. Make sure that you pin all corners and edges that may shift or move when you are sewing everything up.

This step is important to save stitching time particularly when you begin stitching outside the cut-out lines of the fabric.

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Add Zippers And Buttons

It is time to fix the zipper. You can use buttons instead If you don’t like the design of fixing a zipper. Fixing zippers are way easier to install. The fixing of the zipper should be done first before you combine and sew everything together.

This is because sewing the fleece fabrics together first might decrease the length of your cover. You may now have to add another fabric, or you will loosen the already sewn stitches and repeat this process.

Sew Everything Together

This is the last step in this DIY method. It is time to sew the fabrics together. You can hand stitch your fabrics. This depends on the design and size of the baby stroller. However, hand stitching your fabrics takes a longer time compared to using a sewing machine.

They are quite cheaper. Sew all loose ends together. That’s it! You have made your personalized baby stroller rain cover a far cheaper price than you would normally get it in stores.

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Tips to Making Your Stroller Rain Cover

You already know how to make a stroller rain cover. Here are great tips to help you make a beautiful cover that can pose for one bought from a store.

i. If you are not very innovative, you may find it difficult to think of a fantastic design that looks professional. In this case, layer your fabric one on top of the other even if it is the same fabric color. When you put one fabric on top of another, it makes your design look more dimensional.

ii. Making your own stroller gives the opportunity to personalize it in the way you want. What don’t you like about your present baby stroller? What specifications would make the rain cover to be useful to you and your baby? You need to give this a serious thought and you will arrive at a great design you will love.

If you cannot think of any design to add to your fabric, we advise you to put any name or a family name to make it distinct in a crowd in case it goes missing. It can easily be returned.

Iii. You must measure the stroller first before you buy your fleece fabric very well. In doing this, make sure you don’t crumple up things. If you don’t measure first, you may discover that the fleece you bought for your design will not cover your baby stroller fully.

iv. You have to consider the fact that you may be outside when it is raining even though nobody wants that. It is advisable to get a fabric material or an extra covering to protect your baby from rain, cold, wind or any other element.

This is important if you are living in a state where it rains often, and you do not want your child soaked unintentionally through the stroller cover.

v. To attach the stroller cover to the stroller, fasten a drawstring. Most stroller rain cover designs just enclose the unit to protect your baby. But can not withstand inclement strong winds or weather. 

The good news is that it is very easy to add drawstrings to a stroller. You only need to take a lengthy string, put it by the corners of your stroller rain cover. Then fold a little corner of the rain cover until it fully shields the string thoroughly.

Sew the whole fabric down making sure that you pull the ends to bind it up tightly when you are using it.

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One advantage of making a customize stroller rain cover is that it makes you create your own design and you save money too. When you follow this step by step guide, you will have a cover that you will use for a long time.

You must ensure that you consider the weather, size of the baby stroller, and your baby. This is to prevent any problem or difficulty. 

Remember that your baby will grow bigger, so it is important that you choose the correct length of your fleece fabric and zipper. We are glad that you stopped by and we hope you found this article helpful.

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