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What is the Best Double Stroller

What is the Best Double Stroller
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The first split seconds, the first sight of the little one, the new life, a whole new experience all sound like so much fun. All parents can relate to this beautiful feeling about having a baby, it is even double when you have twins. As your family grows, you may ask what is the best double stroller?

What is The Best Double Stroller
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Stroller companies appear to have it all figured out for busy parents who have lots of outings with their kids. There are different models, styles and amazing features of double strollers.

Most of them can serve the family for a long time as their need increases. Nowadays, strollers are made with lightweight materials and clever tricks just to ease navigation and bring more comfort to your babies.

Without the right equipment, it can be extremely difficult to take your kids outside. There are several types of double strollers that are safe for your babies or toddlers and for virtually everything you can think of.

Interestingly, the latest models have included features to suit your need whether you love to camp, jog, hike and so on. The ability to get all your kids around is not easy but it is important.

This is because it helps you get through the early years with your children. Also, it is essential in helping you maintain your sanity and confidence.

Types of Double Strollers

There are basically two main designs of double strollers, all other type or design fit under these two. They are the side by side stroller and tandem stroller. They both have their advantages and disadvantages; your preference and lifestyles are what determines your choice.

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Side by Side Stroller

This is a double-wide stroller placed together in one stroller. They have the same room for babies and other accessories and are easy to steer and navigate. But they are difficult to navigate through narrow sidewalks, crowded streets, and doorways

However, the equal seat arrangement side by side is an added advantage for your babies.

Tandem Stroller

This type of stroller also known as in-line stroller has one seat at the back of the other. They can be arranged in a stadium-style with the seat at back higher than the seat in front for better viewing for the baby or kid at the back. Sometimes, they may have the same height. 

Tandem strollers don’t have equal seat arrangement ad other accessories like the side by side strollers. For example, one of the seats may have more legroom, recline more or have an attachment for an infant car seat.

The advantage of this stroller is that they are long and so has the same width rather than the wide side by side stroller. So, they can be navigated through most doorways easily. 

Because of this size, it is difficult to steer and can not fit into smaller car trunks. In addition, kids’ rivalry may arise when your younger kid gets older and notices the seat inequality.

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Video: Side by Side vs Tandem Stroller

This video clearly explains the difference between the side by side stroller and a tandem stroller.

Types of Side by Side Strollers

General Purpose Strollers

They have more storage features, moderately sized wheels, and fair weight. They are not suited for all terrains. They are great for use on paved and smooth surfaces. Examples are the Joovy ScooterX2, and Baby Jogger City Mini stroller.

All-Terrain Strollers

These strollers are big and heavy with front wheels that rotate or lock. Because of their bulkiness, they can occupy a lot of space in a car trunk. However, they are easy to steer and navigate and most of them can be used for jogging.

The downside of this double stroller is that most of them are very expensive. An example of this stroller is the Baby Trend Expedition stroller.

Double Umbrella Strollers

They are usually lightweight with small wheels. Also, they fold firmly and can enter your car easily. However, they have a few accessories and storage space. One advantage is that it is good for car outings and airline travel. Examples of this stroller are the Delta Children LX stroller and Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight stroller.

Double Joggers Strollers

The double jogger strollers are best for those that love to jog. They have big 16 inches tires in the back, a high-grade swivel or fixed front wheel. Examples of the double joggers’ strollers are the Baby Trend Expedition stroller, and Baby Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller.

Types of Tandem Strollers

Convertible Strollers

They are all-terrain stroller types that can either be used as a single or a double seater stroller. The convertible strollers are durable and adaptable. But their downside is that they are usually big and heavy even as single strollers compared to normal single stroller. Examples are Evenflo Expand stroller and Baby Jogger City Select stroller.

All-purpose Strollers

They have small wheels and are not an all-terrain stroller type like the convertible strollers. They are best suited for use on flat surfaces and have great features. The upside of this model is that they are relatively cheap. Examples of the all-purpose strollers are Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller, Contours Options Elite and so on.

Twin Car Seat Strollers

These strollers are lightweight and can carry 2 infant car seats at once. Other advantages of this stroller are they are easy to fold and compact in size. An example of the twin car seat strollers is Joovy Twin Roo+ stroller. 

Sit and Stand Strollers

They are great choices for people that have a newborn or an infant and an older kid of the minimum age of two. The older kid can stand or sit at the back of the stroller strapped or not. Examples are Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra, Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Stroller, Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller and so on.  

Strollers for Kids Ages Three or Four

There are some strollers for kids ages three or four, twins, triplets and a singleton. You can also get a stroller that has a riding or stroller board for your older child. Examples of this type of stroller are the Big Joovy Caboose stroller, Baby jogger city stroller and so on.

Best Double Strollers

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Joovy ScooterX2 Stroller

This side by side stroller is a lightweight model of 32 pounds that allows you to navigate through doorways easily. It is a 30 inches width and 32 inches lengthwise.

It has a beautiful design, amazing features and high-grade materials for the maximum comfort of your kids. Also, it has big wheels, lots of storage space and extra safety for your kids with fully reclining seats.

It has a one-hand folding mechanism and can carry an infant three months old and a child of a maximum weight of 45pounds for each seat (ninety in total).


  1. Can easily navigate through any doorway.
  2. Fully reclining seats independent of each other.
  3. It has a big canopy or sunshade.
  4. One-hand folding mechanism.


Its plastic wheels are not best suited for all terrains.

Baby Jogger City Mini stroller

The baby jogger city mini stroller has a beautiful design made with high-grade materials. With this side by side stroller, you can navigate easily with your babies. It can serve for a general-purpose (as a pram, travel system stroller and so on).

Also, it is lightweight (28 pounds) and offers a lot of shade in sunny weather. It also has comfortable seats with vents that almost recline to a flat position.


  1. It has a quick-to-fold mechanism.
  2. It has adjustable sunshades or canopies and peek-a-boo windows.


  1. It is too wide and so can not navigate through most doorways.
  2. It has a small storage space.
  3. No extra accessories or compartments.
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Baby Trend Expedition Stroller

The baby trend expedition stroller is great for strolls around your neighborhood or for a light jog. It has amazing features, big storage space and can be navigated easily. 

It is designed for children from six months weighing about 50 pounds each (100 pounds in total). In addition, it has a front-wheel lock feature and a rear foot brake system.


  1. It has a 5-point harness system that keeps your kids safe.
  2. Big storage space.
  3. It has an extra 2 cup-holders for your coffee and your baby’s sippy cup.


  1. It does not have a good suspension.
  2. It is not a durable model.
  3. It is bulky.
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Delta Children LX stroller

This is a lightweight (18 pounds) double uniform stroller that is affordable, easy to navigate through any doorway and can be folded ed easily. It has a canopy that protects your kids from all weather conditions, but they are small. 

Also, it is travel-friendly, seats can be partially reclined and can carry 35-pound children each.


  1. It is cheap.
  2. It has a 5-point harness system that protects your kids.
  3. Because of its lightweight, it is travel-friendly.
  4. Easy to navigate.
  5. It can be folded easily.


  1. Canopies are very small.
  2. Its handlebars are too short and not adjustable, so not a great choice for tall people.
  3. It has a few accessories and storage space.
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Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight stroller

This double stroller weighs 26 pounds and has great features. It can be navigated through any doorways, has leg rests that are adjustable and seats that can be reclined independently. 

Also, it is durable since it can carry newborns to kids that are up to 50 pounds. Hence, it can carry a maximum weight of 100 pounds. This model will give you value for your money.


  1. It has enough and easy to access storage space.
  2. It comes with an extra rain cover that is well ventilated.
  3. It has an auto-fold feature.
  4. It has a stain and water-resistant fabric. 


  1. It is not easily adjustable.
  2. It is difficult to open, and it is a little bit bulky.
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Baby Revolution Flex 3.0 stroller

This double stroller is great for jogging enthusiasts. It has a stylish design, waterproof storage and can carry newborn to a 50-pound child on each seat. Also, it has an adjustable handlebar and a reflective fabric that protects you and your child’s when you are out strolling or jogging.


  1. It has extra-large sunshades or canopies.
  2. It reclines to an almost flat position.
  3. Well-padded and ventilated seats.
  4. It has a reflective fabric.
  5. It has lots of storage space.


It is bulky.

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Evenflo Expand stroller 

This stroller is beautifully designed, and you will love it.  It can be converted to a single stroller and back to double and allows you to carry your kids at different heights. It has a very big storage space and can easily be folded. 

Also, it can carry a newborn to a child of six months old. It is also easy to navigate. 


  1. It is a parent-friendly model.
  2. It has extra-large storage.
  3. It can easily be converted to a single stroller and back to a double.
  4. It is durable and adaptable.


It is big and heavy.

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Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

It is a beautiful model, well-engineered and durable. It can be converted from a double to a single stroller. A riding or stroller board can be attached to the stroller for an older child. It is great for a baby, toddler, and twins (0 to 24 months).


  1. It has an adjustable canopy.
  2. Wheels are adapted for all terrains.
  3. It can easily be folded.
  4. It has an adjustable handlebar.


  1. It is difficult to navigate.
  2. They are bulky or heavy.
  3. The storage basket is difficult to access.
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Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller

This stroller is stylish in design and makes an outing with your child so much fun. It has a 5-point harness system that keeps your child safe. It also has a one-fold mechanism, big storage space, and extra accessories.

Other features include a rear foot brake system and a removable rear back seat that converts it to a sit N stand stroller. It weighs 32.5 pounds.


  1. It has a one-hand folding mechanism that makes its storage easy.
  2. Its rear seat can be removed converting it to a sit N stand stroller.


  1. It is bulky.
  2. The front seat is smaller than the rear seat and so can not carry a big child.
  3. Its seat does not recline fully.
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Contours Options Elite Stroller

The contours options elite stroller has lots of great features that make it stand out among other strollers. For starters, it is compatible with so many car seats. It also accommodates 2 infant seats at a time.

It weighs 34 pounds and each seat can carry kids up to 40 pounds each. Each of its seats is reversible. In addition, it has an effective front and back wheel suspension.


  1. It can carry 2 infant car seats at a time.
  2. It has a contoured handlebar for maximum comfort.


Difficult to navigate.

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Joovy Twin Roo+ stroller

They are designed to carry two infant car seats facing the sides. This makes it easy to access your kids. The Joovy Twin Roo+ stroller is well-built and very stable, makes navigation easy and simple. Despite its size, it has a one-hand folding system.


  1. It has a big storage space underneath the stroller.
  2. Lots of extra accessories like four cup holders and so on.
  3. It is easy to steer and navigate through doorways.


It is big and heavy.

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Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride stroller

This double stroller has room for an older child who can use the standing platform or jump seat or bench. It has a lockable front wheel with great suspension, has a snack tray, parent tray and a big storage basket to carry all your essentials. 

Also, it comes with extra accessories like two cup holders and a one-hand folding mechanism.


  1. It has a well-padded bench seat, so a child can stand or sit on the platform.
  2. The front seat can recline to an almost flat position.
  3. It has big storage spaces.


Your older child might not be comfortable standing during the ride.

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Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller

This stroller comes with lots of great features that give you value for your money. It is well-built with a removable child tray, a balanced canopy, and a parent tray. The front seat reclines in three different directions with a flexible bench at the back for your older child to stand or sit on.

It can be easily steered and navigated because of its lightweight (23.5 pounds). It can carry a child of weight 40 pounds on each of the seats and has a universal car seat adapter.


  1. It can be easily navigated through doorways and narrow walks compared to other double strollers.
  2. Has a back canopy that covers your older child during a ride.
  3. Its removable canopy feature makes it easy to fold and so can fit into a car trunk.


  1. The footrest does not lock when folded.
  2. The back seat may be a little bit uncomfortable for your older kid.
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Big Joovy Caboose stroller

This stroller is good for those expecting twins, triplets or has three children who are close in age. The two seats in front can carry newborn (car adapters included) and six months plus a child of about 40 pounds. 

The rear bench platform can carry a child 2.5 plus year and a 45-pound weight. It also has lots of storage space, a rain cover (optional) and a parent organizer to keep all your stuff.


  1. It has a built-in platform for standing.
  2. It is well built and has durable fabric material.
  3. It has a bench seat and a riding or standing stroller board for older children.


  1. It is difficult to navigate because of its long length.
  2. Not suitable for hilly terrains.
  3. It is bulky or heavy.
  4. There is no enough legroom for the child at the back of the stroller.
  5. It cannot stand on its own when folded.
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What Should You Look for In A Double Stroller

There are lots of factors and features considered by different stroller companies to suit the busy lifestyles of so many modern families.

With endless new designs and modifications to already existing models, there are so many options or products available in the markets today.

This poses a challenge for parents because you won’t know which model is the best fit for you and your kids. There are some things you should know before you get a double stroller for your family.


Double strollers except some are usually big and bulky. The reason is obvious, they carry lots of weight. So, before you get one, you should know you will be pulling an extra weight when you are carrying your kids on it.


Just so you know, most double strollers are very expensive. Is this what you can afford now? You should consider carefully the different price range and get one you can afford and can meet your needs.

Age Difference of Your Kids

This is very important in your choice of a double stroller. For example, the perfect stroller for a newborn is different from the one for twins or a toddler. 

If your kids are less than 2years apart, then they will fit into any double stroller. But if they are two to four years apart, then the best stroller for them will be a tandem stroller or a side by side stroller. 

They will also have one smaller seat and the main seat to accommodate their size difference and ensure maximum comfort.

Double strollers with higher weight are the best choice for kids that are older than four years. That way you will use it for a longer time.


Do you have enough space in your home to store your carriage? While you might want to get a bigger size that suits your family, you should consider storage space first.

Other factors or questions you should answer before getting a double stroller to include:

  1. Warranty from the manufacturer. How long can you use the carriage?
  2. What kinds of outings will you be going for?
  3. How often are you intending to use your carriage?

The best double strollers have features like extended canopies or hood, foot brakes, hand brakes, one-hand folding and front-wheel suspension no matter the pattern or shape. 

Most of these models have extra accessories like sunshades, cup holders for you and your kids, rain covers and storage expansion.

It is imperative that you get a double stroller that suits your style, lifestyle and your needs generally.

Do You Really Need A Double Stroller

Sometimes, you already have a single stroller for your first child, what do you do if a second baby comes? Maybe you aren’t ready to get a double stroller. Here are a few options you can consider:

If your stroller has a riding board for older kids, then they can ride in it while your baby sits in the carrier. But you must be sure your older child can cope with this little challenge.

Secondly, there are some pre-schooler who is okay with walking while your baby rides in the stroller. But this might not be a good choice when you are in a crowded street or place. It is better to have them both on one stroller where they will be under control.

Lastly, you might consider getting a baby carrier for your baby or younger kid while your older kid rides in your single stroller. However, this will only work for the period your second baby can fit in a baby carrier. Also, it will not work for twins.


While we hope you found this article helpful, we will love to say that the best double stroller for you and your family depends on your preference, lifestyle, and needs. You must consider how you will be using it, the weight of the stroller and your infant or toddler as the case might be.

If you have kids that are close in age, it will be good if you get a stroller with different features or designs that can meet your children’s needs for a couple of years. 

What kind of activities will you and your family be involved in? If you always travel or have limited storage space, then you should get a model that will fit into your home or airport travel. 

If you are a jogging enthusiast, you should get a jogger style stroller that you can comfortably move with and navigate through any terrain while you jog.

Finally, it is important that you know the available options and not just a few designs. There are several double stroller models that have been customized with different features and accessories. 

They will serve you for a very long time. It is up to you to make that big decision but be sure you have all the information you need. 

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